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"From the Hips is a modern mom's guide to pregnancy that skillfully balances expert know-how from doctors, midwives, lactation consultants, and doulas with wise and funny tales from the mom front. Controversial issues like elective C-sections, cosleeping, and extended breastfeeding are explored in a rational, refreshing way, and hundreds of anonymous-mom quotes throughout the book make you feel like legions of girlfriends are guiding you through the fabulous but sometimes treacherous path of pregnancy and parenting."

-- Cookie

"The honest talk about epidurals and C-sections, including anonymous quotes from moms, is must-read info for anyone planning a hospital birth. In fact, the book is full of frank advice about most of today's biggest hurdles for pregnant women, from going back to work to breastfeeding in public... At every step, it addresses not just what you'll be going through physically, but what you and your partner might be addressing emotionally, too. Cheers to this realistic take on the lifestyle change that is pregnancy and parenthood.

-- Pregnancy Magazine

"Incredibly important reading for anyone about to have a baby.From the Hips gives you what you need to make informed decisions, shares experiences from other parents that will make you laugh, and reveals many of the secrets our mothers didn't tell us.."

-- Rosalind Wiseman, author, Queen Bee Moms and Wannabe Dads

"If you buy one pregnancy/childbirth book, buy this one. If you buy 10 pregnancy/childbirth books, read this one first. And if you're EXPECTING your second baby, buy this book anyway and wish that it had been around the first time you got pregnant."

-- Pamela Paul, author, The Starter Marriage and The Future of Matrimony

"What every new parent needs.a ton of expert advice, presented with humor and zero negativity, from two moms who instantly feel like your best friends. This is the one pregnancy guide that new parents will actually want to read."

-- Leslie Morgan Steiner, editor, Mommy Wars and The Washington Post's online work/family column, "On Balance"

"From The Hips is a deeply refreshing, honest look at the profound changes we undergo during pregnancy and beyond. Ceridwen and Rebecca unabashedly go into areas that other guides shy away from, offering support to every kind of prospective mother. Being pregnant and having a child is alternately the most beautiful, complex, difficult, rewarding experience a woman can imagine. This book gives it straight and from all sides, without judgment, and with irreverent humor and candor from its authors."

-- Gwyneth Paltrow

"Supportive, positive, real, and rarely preachy. Finally a reference guide for parents that treats us like we have brains."

-- Bust Magazine

"Welcome to this no-holds-barred, no-judgment-ever, what-your-real-girlfriends-would-tell-you guide to pregnancy and parenting. Formula, breastfeeding, fashion, work, sex, and what to do with your baby in a taxi: in From The Hips, all have pros, cons, and ambiguity, too. Mothers (and fathers, too), read this book and relax into its soon-to-be-famous parenting mantra: Strive for Imperfection"

-- Miriam Peskowitz, author, The Truth Behind the Mommy Wars: Who Decides What Makes a Good Mother

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